Monday, August 8, 2016

Things we LOVE Feb 2015

Blurry pic, but Alli sure loves Buddy!

I surely love these girls' hairdos!!

 Apparently Cowboy Cam loves Buddy as well-or at least loves tormenting him?
 Ilene loves putting on the scary mask at Doug's house!

 They all loved these riding animals at the mall!
 Heart hairdo for Valentine's Day
 They all adore grandma!!
 We love that Cam is potty trained.  And these girls had a great time doing Valentines for their classes!
 Ilene loved starting violin!

 We went and saw one of my friend's little tiny baby girls-so so darling!! Ilene and Cam both loved her!

 Alli went with me to a YW activity ice skating.  She loved going, but wasn't quite so sure about the ice skating ;).
 I love seeing my sleeping, snuggly kids!

 Another Valentine's hair do we love!
They love visiting Alli at school and staying for lunch!

 Love doing some curly hairdos for Alli.
 Love getting my hair done
 Ahoy matey-Alli loved dressing up for Dress like a pirate day!
 Cam loved trying to ride Ilene's bike and we all love having lunch with dad!

 cam doesn't love getting his haircut, but it has to happen anyway-he does however love the show he gets to watch during it!
 We love the view from the lot we have reserved
 This little guy loves the iPad, and I love him in his jammies with his cowboy hat on!
 We love games of jenga

 Cam loves Carl's Jr because of the play place!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

January 2015

 We had a really fun New Year's Day party with my whole family! All the cousins were together, so much fun! This was the clean up crew ;).


 Dr checkup.  Poor Ilene had a sinus infection :(.

 It is always fun at grandma's house!

 Discovery Museum at Thanksgiving Point!

 Cutie Ilene in quite the outfit-goggles included!
 Alli ready for a birthday party for her friend Claire.
 Playing with Brookie
 Poor Ilene face planted outside :(.

 We met up with the Dressers for dinner at Pizza Pie
 And then went to Classic skating and played!

 Love these sleeping beauties of mine!
 We went to the Gateway with Annie and her girls.

 All the hospital workers
 Alli has lovely long locks of hair!
 We made goo and played for a long time with it!


 We found a great deal on bikes so Ilene was trying out this tricycle.

 These girls got new rides and helmets!

 Ryan is stuck with Alli's old one ;).

 The whole crew is very much mobile out side!

 Gymnastics class-Cam entertained himself with the leap pad.

 Alli's favorite trick with Buddy-the cha cha

 Daddy meeting Clyde Drexler and Cal Ripkin

 Tea Party in the basement!

 Playing at grandma's house.

 They finally took the wives with the guys to PPAI, it was so fun to go see the products and spend time with Ryan.

 Clown Alli with mom's old dance hair piece

 Back to Classic Skating with the Dressers.

 Cam loves his binkies!!!

 Furniture shopping
 Loving playing outside now there is no snow on our side of the street.

 Yogurtland with Ryan and Elaine Thorpe and their kids when they were in town visiting family.